AC & DC Systems

Below are a couple of examples of recent work completed by Petrel Marine involving the upgrade of DC & AC distribution systems. They were designed to improve the owners and captains experience, equipment performance whilst adhering to the safety standards laid out by the ABYC.
In addition to installation experience with AC (120/240VAC) & DC (12/24VDC) distribution, safety, control & monitoring systems. Petrel Marine can also provide fault-finding support in these areas and has experience with manufacturers such as Magnum, Xantrex, ProMariner, Balmar, BlueSea Systems, B.E.P to name a few.
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This system was installed onboard a 43’ Nauticat Ketch to add much needed protection and better control. BlueSea ML Series remote battery switches and an A.C.R were installed to allow charging of both start and house bank from the engine driven alternator or inverter/charger. The system was built off the boat to allow fast transfer across from the old system. A Maretron DCM100 was later added to improve monitoring of the state of charge of the house bank.
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This system was installed as part of a house battery bank & distribution system upgrade onboard a 68’ Nordlund. A new 1200Ah Lifeline battery bank was installed along with the distribution system shown to the left. The system was upgraded to better manage and improve protection on circuits feeding onboard 12VDC loads. As can be seen from the photos many of the control and protection devices are manufactured by BlueSea and Petrel Marine is a certified installer with them.
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These two Magnum MS2000 Inverter/Chargers were installed in a twin 120V load group system. Connected to a 12V House/Inverter battery bank they can provide up 4KW of continuous power.
Due to mounting location restrictions and heat concerns a temperature controlled forced ventilation system was installed. This was controlled by a STEGO thermostat and reflective foil was added to assist in heat rejection.
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